Liquid Simplicity

Sometimes the simplest things are stationed right before our eyes.

When we wake up in the morning the first thing we gravitate toward is the coffeepot.  When thirsty we head to the soft drink machine.

I was raised by parents who counted on coffee, soft drinks and beer to keep then hydrated.  Rarely did we drink water or even consider the beverage.

However, water is not only a simple beverage it is inexpensive and healthy also. Keeping a glass nearby to quench our thirst will not only help us stay hydrated in a simple fashion but save us time, money and storage space for other types of drinks.

A splash of lemon can be added to water if one is not accustomed to the taste.  This beverage is naturally calorie-free, so we can save money and perhaps our health by avoiding diet drinks that use chemicals to sweeten them.

There are some who claim that water can cure a variety of ailments.  While I am not convinced that this is the case, I am convinced that water is truly liquid simplicity waiting for us to drink it.

Try keeping a glass of water nearby to drink whenever you desire, and decide for yourself whether this facet of simplicity is for you.