Late Night Visitor

The other evening as I prepared for bed there was a knock on my door. I opened it to discover a friend of mine who had decided to come visit despite the fact that it was well past the hour for it to be socially acceptable.

I was annoyed but decided to be polite. I explained that I was getting ready for bed; my friend said she was only going to stay for a minute.

Thirty minutes later I had to firmly show her the door.

I have a few questions as a result of this common occurrence.

Etiquette Questions

When someone arrives at your home unannounced, especially at a late hour, is it socially acceptable not to allow them to enter your home?

Is it rude to tell them that you were in bed or going to bed and refuse to accept the visitor?

Was it rude of me to tell my friend to leave when she showed no indication of doing so?

What is the proper way to handle undesired guests late at night? Please share your suggestions in the comments below.