Fels Naptha: The Fair Shake

After I posted my blog about Octagon Soap I got a call from my sister. She was rather irate and informed me that I wasn’t giving Fels Naptha a fair shake!

“I’ve used that soap to clean almost everything in this nasty house,” she declared. “Nothing else came close to cleaning up the crud this place had when I moved in!  You need to try it again!”

Okay, sis.  I had started cleaning my kitchen cabinets with ammonia, but had only managed to go over 2 of the cabinet doors.  I took a bar of Fels Naptha lathered a cloth and started there.

Well, it’s time to eat some humble pie.  When you really slather that Fels Naptha lather all over and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing a bit and rinsing it off, that stuff can really knock some grease and dirt!

The first doors I had already cleaned with ammonia I just lathered up and rinsed off.  The ones I had NOT cleaned with ammonia first were lathered up and allowed to sit for a couple of minutes before I started scrubbing on them.

Amazingly, the ones that I had not pre-cleaned with ammonia ended up cleaner than the ones cleaned with just Fels Naptha!  I assume because I let the lather soak on it some.

I’ve decided to post this to give Fels Naptha a fair shake, cause that stuff really kicks butt when it comes to cleaning nasty dirty stuff.  While I don’t plan to even consider washing dishes with it, this soap has now been promoted to my all-purpose cleaner of choice.

If you see a bar of Fels Naptha in a store grab it and give it a try. I’m now convinced that you will be seriously impressed.  I definitely am. 

Octagon Vs. Fels Naptha Soap

There are a lot of posts concerning Fels Naptha soap out there.  Most homemade laundry detergent recipes recommend it for it’s cleaning properties.  However there is another old fashioned bar of soap out there that is not getting a fair shake.

Octagon Soap.  I found some at the Food Lion in Cynthiana, KY not too long ago and bought 2 bars.  One the packaging it says it is good as a laundry additive as well as for dishwashing and other things.  I have been using it around the house here and I love it.  It has a lemony scent that is more pleasant and natural than the chemical aroma the Fels Naptha contains.

I have used it to wash dishes, and Octagon Soap really does cut the grease!  It doesn’t lather as much as traditional dishwashing liquid but I am very pleased with the results.  I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and no intestinal discomfort like I had when I tried using Ivory Soap to wash dishes.

I’ve got some Fels Naptha here, and while Fels used to advertise in days gone past that you could use it for washing dishes, I’m not sure I want to put that to the test.  I know that it no longer contains Stoddard Solvent but I gather it still contains petrochemical ingredients so that is a concern of mine.  Has anyone tried using Fels as a dishwashing soap?

Octagon Soap costs less than Fels Naptha (the bars I bought were priced at $0.79 each) and overall seems like it is more versatile than Fels.  I have yet to try it in the laundry however.  I plan to do that when I make some more laundry soap, but I have a lot of it on hand right now and don’t want to get overstocked..

I believe that I will try to keep the Octagon on hand, by stocking up the next time I go to Cynthiana since I can’t find it in Paducah KY.  Has anyone seen it around here or perhaps over in Brookport Illinois?  I believe that it is not only less expensive than Fels but just a tad safer to use…