Katie’s new futon

Here are some pictures of Katie’s new futon when she has it arranged in a chair. It gives her SO much more space than a traditional bed! I understand more and more why the Japanese are so fond of this method of sleeping! It just makes economical sense to allow one space to have multiple uses, rather than housing a single HUGE piece of furniture only used 1/3 of the time!

My friends are all trying to show me various beds and things that we may “want to consider” after recovering from the move. They just cannot comprehend that we are choosing this of our own free will in a desire to have more space, and to stop wasting space for something we use only part of the time. They don’t understand that we are tired of lugging all of this junk around, and are looking for a more minimalistic lifestyle, and are willingly taking a page from the Japanese. We have no idea how far we will go, but we will definitely enjoy the journey!