Baby Step to a Better Life

I trimmed the tall weeds in my front yard with a pair of scissors today. I chuckled at myself while I worked; it reminded me of all the times when I washed my laundry in the bathtub.

It was also absolutely, completely ridiculous. I could hire someone to mow my yard but I’m no longer inclined to do that. It takes several days for them to get around to it and this year–this year I’m not in the mood to deal with a scraggly yard. I tend to procrastinate when it comes to hiring someone since it costs around $10 each time and I detest spending the money.

It was time to bite the bullet. I’ve decided to remain here for the foreseeable future; money isn’t as tight as it has been in times past. I can afford to purchase a solution.

I went on Amazon and located an inexpensive electric weed trimmer. It cost around $35 and will arrive in a few days. Even with the extra string I’ll have to purchase once it arrives I will come out ahead financially this mowing season. Even better, I’ll be able to mow my yard as frequently as needed to keep it neat.

That will be a major change compared to the previous years I’ve lived here.

I must confess that I hesitated to spend the money. It’s easier to spend $10 than it is to spend almost $40, after all. I had to give myself a firm reminder that I’m on a journey to become wealthy; wealthy people keep their yards properly maintained. I need to start doing that as well.

One step closer to the life of my dreams.

Have you made any progress towards your dreams lately? Please share your stories in the comments below.

Mowing the Lawn

I started mowing the lawn late this afternoon but not with a traditional gas mower. I have an old-fashioned reel mower that I use when the grass isn’t too long for mowing.

The reason I use the reel mower is simple: it doesn’t take gasoline to run a reel mower! You just keep pushing and mow that sucker on human power alone—great for us frugal types!

I still have a gasoline mower for when the lawn gets away from me but I try not to use it if I don’t have to.  This saves not only gas but oil and wear and tear on the more expensive gasoline push mower as well.

The reel mower was purchased new from Amazon at a cost of less than half of what a gasoline mower was going to cost. The gasoline one was caught at a rock-bottom clearance price at Wal-Mart… think I paid $80 for it if that! Between the two I have invested what it would have cost me to purchase a gasoline mower at full price and the option to save money on gasoline when I mow regularly.

I got the lawn about halfway finished before it became too dark to see.  I’ll finish it tomorrow afternoon and be done with the chore for another small spell.

Personally, I would prefer my yard to be filled with white clover and other flowering plants that don’t grow very tall—that would reduce if not eliminate mowing entirely as well as being prettier than a traditional lawn.  In fact I plan to purchase some white clover seed this fall to thicken the back yard some.  I can’t justify doing the whole yard but eventually it will take over if I work at it!

What do you do to save money while mowing?

The “Secret,” – The Law of Attraction – it works!

I attracted a lawnmower today.

Manifested it with a simple thought.

I was tired of looking at the lawn getting taller and taller, so instead of begging my daughter to do it like she is supposed to I grabbed the reel mower and went to do it myself..

As I started pushing, the thought occurred to me of how nice it would be to just use a gasoline mower to get it over with…..

And a lady walks up. Out of the blue, she insists that I use her gasoline mower to mow my lawn.

Not realizing the significance I hesitate, saying I don’t have any gasoline right now and she says “so what? I have plenty! Come get this mower!”

Then it hit me. The law of Attraction. I had attracted that mower to me with that brief thought. Without another protest, I borrowed her mower and thanked her profusely. I plan to fill my little gasoline can in gratitude for their generosity.

So far I have used the Law of Attraction to manifest some clothes and shoes for my daughter, some help moving to my previous place, some extra money, a job I could work at home, this mobile home we purchased, and now the use of a gasoline mower.

I think I manifested something else, but didn’t recognize it when I saw it, so the opportunity passed. It was just too much at once!

I think I’m starting to get the hang of this! p