Simplified Solutions

Sometimes simplicity means finding simple solutions to annoying situations.

Late last June I shaved my head in sympathy with a family member undergoing brain surgery. My hair has since been slowly growing back.

Growing back from baldness is challenging, and I have fussed and fought with numerous hair care solutions since then.

I have decided that instead of fussing with it—instead of using all of those products on my head daily, wasting an hour of time styling it just in case someone sees me outside walking the dogs—that I would just invest in a simple denim cap.

Now instead of worrying about if this hair or that hair sticks up like Alfalfa I can just go about my day.  Eventually it will grow long enough to lay properly but until then who cares? The time saved, the worry eliminated—is definitely worth the price of a simple hat.

Getting used to the new look

The initial newness is wearing off on my head.

I have received lots of comments. One woman I encountered showed me her bald head, kept hidden under a hat. Cancer, she told me.

Part of me wonders if I should keep it shorn, at least for a while. I’m curious to see if perhaps there are others who are afraid of displaying their bald heads in public.

Most don’t even look twice at me. Guess I don’t look that bad. Wish I had some honest opinions, but right now I don’t.

Love Shave for my cousin

Hello all!

Here are the pictures of the love shave I promised my Cousin Dani. She had to have her head shaved for an operation to relieve pressure on her brain so I promised to go through baldness with her.


So far I have gotten a combination of shock, support, and a lot of “are you crazy” comments. Such is life. If this makes my cousin laugh and lets her know that she is loved, it is worth it. Every bit of it.

Already the hair is starting to grow back, so it itches a bit. Yesterday I was outside all day and so wore a bandanna to keep from getting sunburn on my newly-shaved head. I had to take it off for a moment, and ended up shocking a couple of people LOL!

Gotta love being different!

The first few pictures are after I let my daughter scissor the length of my hair off, and the rest are after it was shaved. I’m posting a before photo as well.

Looking to the future

Last night as I showered I looked long and hard at the hair which will soon be gone.

Part of me is nervous at the upcoming drastic change, while part of me is excited that I get to do something so exciting and new!

It has been a looong time since I drastically did anything to my appearance, so this will be very refreshing!

I wish my cousin didn’t have to go through it — but I am looking forward to showing her my solidarity.

She is back out of the hospital, hopefully permanently this time.

So far no more headaches since the surgeons gave her the shunt.

All is well.

Going bald for a cause

My cousin has to have a shunt put in her head for high intracranial pressure.

She’s worried about having a shaved head as a result.

This is a cousin whom I spent many a lazy summer vacation with, playing dress up, roaming the hills, watching the tube with.

I’m shaving my head in solidarity with her.

I know it sounds kinda crazy, but I will donate my mop to Locks of Love, and post a few pics of it. What’s a shaved head among friends, right?

Before anyone asks, it was my suggestion, and my decision.

My other cousin, her sister, is thinking of doing it as well.

Hair is just hair to me, but she is my cousin, whom I love very much.

I have about a week/ week and a half before her surgery. She has a couple of pre-op appointments to go to first.

Place her in your prayers, my friends. Please. semi