Frugality of Family Cloths and Menstrual Pads

Once again I find myself doing a load of whites.  A friend of mine asked me why I have so much laundry, and I simply said “because I don’t use paper towels.”

Truth is, I don’t use paper towels, kleenex, paper napkins, bathroom tissue or sanitary pads. I use cloth instead for all of these items.

When you tell someone you know that you don’t use all of these things, they look at you very strange–like you are nasty or something.  In all actuality I am quite clean and using cloth helps me stay even more so.

I wash a load of whites a week that are composed of all the towels and such.  I generally wash a load or two of colors and one load of whites a week anyhow (unless I’m washing bedclothes or something extra), so I’m not really doing any extra laundry than normal.

It feels so nice to know that I don’t have to run to the store d over instead of paying money for something that will only get thrown away.

I could preach about how I’m helping the environment, but that’s not why I do this.  I do it to save time and money.  For every dollar it takes to buy these things it costs half that much over by the time you calculate taxes, gasoline, storage and if I need tissue or pads. It is nice simply knowing that I don’t have to depend upon big business to provide these things for me.  Instead, I use the same cloths over and over. That is a dollar and a half I don’t have to worry about earning when I use cloth.  My laundry detergent is homemade and costs a couple of pennies, the washer has long been paid for and water doesn’t cost that much either when used in full load increments. I spend a lot less washing a few cloths than I spent on paper products before I switched, and I don’t have to try to stretch the things out—I use what I need!

These days instead of using a dryer for the towels I even save that money by drying them on a line outside! Can’t get much cheaper than letting the outdoors dry your laundry!

Have you ever considered saving money by switching to cloth?  I started simple by just supplementing my paper towels with cloth but gradually ended up going cold turkey on all of my paper usage…  It took a lot of thought before I finally made those final steps, however!

Anyhow, the whites are spinning out.  I normally have them done by now but I had some errands to care for this morning.  Have a nice day!