The Reason I Read

Did you know that the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who are the most risk-averse?

I didn’t until I started reading this book.

I always believed that successful entrepreneurs were the ones who leaped in, all hell-for-leather, burning their bridges behind them.

Come to find out, I’m completely wrong. They like to hedge their bets in all aspects of their lives.

Just like I do.

I’ve stuck with the low-wage jobs I have for a reason. I like the security of knowing that, if anything happened to my current position, it would be really easy to walk down the street and replace that income.

When I had my computer repair business I continued working in low-wage public jobs for security. I wanted to know that I always had a certain amount of income to live on even if my computer jobs dried up. The computer repair business served as a backup plan for my public job in the same manner and also gave me the confidence to stand up for myself with abusive managers.

I keep a safety net, a financial cushion that has saved my behind more than once over the years. Even now I’m hedging my bets in another manner. Instead of just counting on my book royalties to provide for my needs in the future I’m investing the income to provide yet another layer of security.

I’ve wondered many times over the years if I was being too cautious; too paranoid for my own good. Now, thanks to a random book I scooped up at the local library, I’ve discovered that maybe I’m not being paranoid.

Maybe I’m just being smart.

This is why I read. I read, not only to learn more about the world around me, but to learn more about myself in the process.

What are you reading today?

Another Book

These past several weeks have found me wandering the aisles at the local bookstores, yet finding nothing of interest.

Yesterday I went to Office Depot to have a book rebound, and went next door to the bookshop to just wander about.

At first I thought about buying a novel, but something inside urged me to set it aside and keep looking.

Look I did, but I was not sure what for. Over the racks I browsed after setting my initial choice aside, following a feeling.

A book caught my eye I had wanted to examine. I picked it up, leafed through it thinking perhaps this is what I was to see? It wasn’t the one, so I placed it back on the shelf.

Then I saw it. Jammed between scores of books on the exact same subject. The Book.

I had seen this book previously yet passed it by, but this time I knew I had to take it home.

It is the Idiot’s Guide to the Law of Attraction. Why I was not attracted to it in the past I cannot say, for I have held it in my hands and returned it to the shelf several times without a feeling at all concerning it, but yesterday I knew I had to purchase the volume.

Since bringing it home last night – I wish I could explain. I have been reading it, digesting it. It contains what I need to increase my knowledge of the Law of Attraction, of this Secret.

I have good feelings about this.

Life is about to become even more magical than it already is…

I love this life!