Frugality is Not Enough

As I write this my home looks like there was an explosion in a clothing factory. I’ve spent the past few days washing laundry in my bathtub to save a bit more money this month. It is times like this when I dream of owning a washer and a dryer; it would be absolute heaven not to have to drag a heavy cart to the laundromat or wash things out by hand.

After I rinsed out the last round I sat down and priced some simple, small washing machines. I could probably buy one next month but if I did so my investment goals would suffer. Do I really want to delay my financial freedom for this? I asked myself. Every hundred dollars I invest brings me an hours’ wage closer so can’t it wait?

Yes, it can.

I know I could go to the laundromat; I’ve enough money in my pocket to pay for it easily enough but I’ve gotten to the point where my dream has become real to me. I’ve realized that I can really, truly achieve financial freedom through investments. Unfortunately, my income is so low that, in order to achieve my freedom, some sacrifices must be made. I am literally stealing from my present in order to finance my future.

This has caused me to realize that frugality is not enough. When your income drops below a certain amount immense sacrifices have to be made if an emergency arises or you would like to acquire something that would make life better.

I am tired of living at that level of forced sacrifice. It’s time to make some changes.

What do you sacrifice when you want to save money? Please share your stories in the comments below.