Back to the Futon

I wrote here that I had been sleeping in my sleeping bag again.

However a couple of nights ago I fished out the futon again and went back to sleeping on it.


For one, it’s out of my closet.

Two, I don’t get twisted up inside of it when I toss and turn.

Three, it’s easier to get out of when I have to make a trip to the bathroom at night.

The bathroom one is the biggie. I’ve about killed myself a couple of times half asleep thinking I’m out of the bag and trying to take a couple of steps!

Anyhow, I’m not eliminating the possibility of sleeping in a bag in the future but for now I’m back to the ole’ faithful futon.  Maybe I should just cut it down to a single size and be done with it..(maybe I’m too lazy to do that much work too…).

I haven’t done much  downsizing lately, though I have noticed that my dishes are done more often now that I have downsized my silverware collection, so I have less dirty dishes piling up the place—a very good thing…

Anyhow, gotta take a moment to give some kudos to David for eliminating a huge shelf and downsizing his car.  He has also downsized his apartment to one half the size (and $400 less a month) and only needs 10 boxes to move now! David, you rock dude!

Sleeping in a Bag

The last couple of nights have made me realize that my sleeping bag is not as warm as it used to be.  Despite the fact that it is rated for 40F I have woke up chilly indoors with a backup heat source set to 55F.

To solve this I am using a blanket to cover my sleeping bag at night—this keeps me much warmer. I gather all of the use this poor item has received over the last two or three years has paid a toll on it.

Other than that I seem to be sleeping well.  With the extra blanket it makes covering the little dog easier when she gets chilled at night.  She is a Chihuahua mix and is as cold-natured at night as I am. She no longer tries to get inside the bag with me at least!

Even with this challenge, I think I prefer the sleeping bag to the futon. It is much smaller so I can roll it up and put it away during the day instead of tripping over the futon.