The Changing Winds of Life

It has been one helluva week here in this tiny little home.

Katie decided that she had placed her life on hold for long enough. She’d sacrificed several scholarships and opportunities for a relationship that went bust, so she decided to correct that.

On Monday she decided that she would join the Navy. The Army was out, despite our family’s history of it, since she didn’t want to even remotely follow in her ex-fiancée’s footsteps or chance running across him again.

Tuesday she contacted the local Navy recruiter.

Wednesday he arrived at the house and we spent the whole day doing paperwork. I ended up emailing documents back and forth until late in the evening.

Thursday morning she left for MEPS.

Friday evening she returned home after signing a 4-year contract.

She leaves February 19.

I’ve known this time was coming since the day she was born. That knowledge doesn’t ease the shock I feel at this moment. To give such a huge portion of your life to another person, only to have them grow up and move on is a sacrifice all parents make.

That doesn’t make it easier.

I am going to be fine. I have my public job to keep me socialized so I will have people to talk to face to face. I have my writing career. I have my 20-year goal of financial freedom to focus on…

…and I have you to keep me sane.

Your comments and messages have kept me sane for years now. They keep me moving forward. They give me a reason to sit down at this computer every morning and keep trying.

I cannot express how thankful I am to have you in my life.

Thank you for being there.

5 thoughts on “The Changing Winds of Life”

  1. Whew, that was a big change all at once, even though you knew Katie was considering military service. Good job, Katie, for moving ahead and taking charge of your life.

    As you said, launching them into the world is the goal, so I hope you allow yourself some treats to reward yourself for a parental job well done (and to ease the transition for you).

    1. Thanks, Luisa!

      It’s hitting me harder than I expected it would but I’ll be okay. I’ve taken a bit of time off to come to terms with this but I had enough posts already scheduled so that there won’t be a lapse on the website.

      Once I recover from the shock I’ll do what I’ve always done: keep moving forward.

      Take care!

  2. Joining the Navy will have benefits for years to come. My Dave went to college on the GI Bill and we bought two houses using VA financing. So this could help Katie keep moving forward as well. If, by chance, she should decide to stay in for 20 years, the retirement benefits are also wonderful.

  3. you did a wonderful job raising your daughters and teaching them the important values of life. Having the last one leave is hard but you will be able to make it work.

  4. I read your blog regularly but rarely comment. I’ve been following the changes in Katie’s life. I’m sorry for the changes that she might not have wanted, but I’m happy she is moving forward and has something big to look forward to. She’s really smart, and I’m sure she’ll do great!

    It’s a big change for you, too. I’ve yet to cross that bridge, so I’ve no advice. But I know you are also smart and resourceful, and I’m sure you’ll tackle this challenge well.

    Change, change, change – it’s a constant in our lifes! Here’s a great article on endings and beginnings:

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