The Difference Between Men and Women

There’s a difference in how men and women are treated in this world and it’s time I pointed out one of the major ones.

When a man says he’s broke, guys offer to loan him money.

When a woman says she’s broke, guys offer her $$ for sexual acts.

I’ve had it happen more times than I can count. Very few men in the world have responded otherwise in my experience, but the ones that do I cherish.

However, if either a man or a woman tells a female they are broke, the women generally respond with sympathy–and help out when they can.

What other differences do you notice in how men and women are treated? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “The Difference Between Men and Women”

  1. Men get paid good money to work a job that does not require a college degree. Women can have a college degree and still be paid jsut over minimum wage and it often happens… I notice that mens work often lets them have more freedom and autonomy and womens work often means you have a boss watching you every minute and counting your bathroom breaks… I know these are real generalizations, but I am almost 50 years old and I see it happen again and again… my son who is 22 makes more money (per hour) than I have ever made in my life. He went to trade school but not to college. He makes more then 2 times per hour than what I make and he has only been out of high school for 3 years…. I am a high school graduate, and am an honors college student, about to graduate, I have years of customer service experience, and I make $10 an hour…

    1. I know! It’s sad, isn’t it?

      And here’s another one for you: in school, my daughter has to worry about how she dresses, because the code states that she can’t show her shoulders, but the guys are allowed to do so. They’re more worried about the men getting “aroused” than the girls!

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