At the end of every winter here comes the mud. You can’t escape it. Anytime you step off of concrete you land in it.

It’s worse in my hood. A few days of rain causes my yard to fill, washing the mud across my sidewalk. This mud is impossible to remove before it dries.

I have a young pup at the moment, so this season is a particularly interesting season. She’s six months old, extremely hyper, and invariably ends up covered some days.

I had to march her straight to the tub this evening due to the mud, so now she’s got a case of the zoomies as she tears through my tiny house.

All I want to do is channel my inner child:

”Is it spring yet?”

Instead, after bathing her I mopped the floors and washed myself. I ended up as dirty as she was by the time we finished.

Do you have mud season in your area? How do you cope? Please share your stories in the comments below.

6 responses to “The Joy of Mud Season”

  1. When I lived in Vermont we had winter (snow could fall anytime between August and June), mud season, a day or two of summer, and fall. Mud season lasted a few weeks to a month or two depending on where you lived. Dirt roads were dirty and occasionally impassable.

    1. I feel that so badly! At one point during my childhood, I lived in a road like that. During snow and mud seasons, I had to walk about a mile to the top of the hill because our dirt road was hazardous during those times. Brrr!

  2. No team secret here… I stay in as much as possible. I’m chicken 🐔!! 🤣

    1. Bwahahaha! Good for you!

  3. I live in an apartment building with underground parking and I only go to medical appointments where they have an attached parking ramp. Mud? What’s that?

    BTW, I get my nature fix by looking out our huge windows at the wildlife preserve across the street.