The “Secret,” – The Law of Attraction – it works!

I attracted a lawnmower today.

Manifested it with a simple thought.

I was tired of looking at the lawn getting taller and taller, so instead of begging my daughter to do it like she is supposed to I grabbed the reel mower and went to do it myself..

As I started pushing, the thought occurred to me of how nice it would be to just use a gasoline mower to get it over with…..

And a lady walks up. Out of the blue, she insists that I use her gasoline mower to mow my lawn.

Not realizing the significance I hesitate, saying I don’t have any gasoline right now and she says “so what? I have plenty! Come get this mower!”

Then it hit me. The law of Attraction. I had attracted that mower to me with that brief thought. Without another protest, I borrowed her mower and thanked her profusely. I plan to fill my little gasoline can in gratitude for their generosity.

So far I have used the Law of Attraction to manifest some clothes and shoes for my daughter, some help moving to my previous place, some extra money, a job I could work at home, this mobile home we purchased, and now the use of a gasoline mower.

I think I manifested something else, but didn’t recognize it when I saw it, so the opportunity passed. It was just too much at once!

I think I’m starting to get the hang of this! p

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