The Shoestring Book is now in Print

Amazingly, CreateSpace worked really fast; my book is already available for sale in print!

You can find it on Amazon and CreateSpace.

Katie and I are working as fast as we can on the ebook; I made a newbie mistake when I was creating it that has forced me to completely reformat it so that it will look right. Right now we’re taking turns doing this page by page. As soon as it is published I will let you know. We’ve got over 400 pages to reformat so this is going to take a little while, I’m afraid.


4 thoughts on “The Shoestring Book is now in Print”

  1. Omg!! Going to order tonight !!!
    Hooorayyyyy ANNIE!!!
    Thank you for all of your inspiration. !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Annie for linking to a free PDF of your book. How generous of you!
    Glad to see that your recovery has increased thus far that you are able to
    write again ! Woot Woot! You go girl!

    all the best,

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