The Subway Cheat

Yesterday ended up being an absolute dream. We did splurge on 2 ice cream cones from The Ice Cream Factory on 2nd street ($2.50 each but the portions were large and the quality was excellent).

The puppies even got a good long walk while Katie got to practice her skateboarding!

That was when we spied the Subway advertisement. 

We love Subway sandwiches because of the ability to get so many veggie toppings so easily. If you want extra they are happy to pile it on—a great treat for those of us who love lots of veggies!

Instead of giving in to the ad and visiting that veggie mecca we went to Wal-Mart and gathered a couple of things to make our OWN Hero sandwiches plus a little more.

Cantaloupe $1.50
Salad Mix $1.50
Chunk Colby/Jack $3.74
Budding Honey Ham $0.58
Budding Honey Ham $0.58
Subtotal $7.86
Total $7.86

So for less than the cost of a meal at Subway we got breakfast for 2 or more days (Cantaloupe), lettuce for our sandwich plus salad for the week (salad mix) and cheese to last for a week or so besides being used on our sandwiches!

We took this home and added some jalapeno slices, pickles, onion, black olives, mayo, bread and chips to make sandwiches that Katie declared were “better than Subway.” I know mine was—I used flour tortillas instead of bread for a different taste!

There used to be a time when we would have purchased a bigger pack of lunch meat instead of the individual packs because the price per ounce was less.  I have learned the hard way that this is a waste in our family—the remaining lunch meat goes bad before we think to eat it! Much better to pay a little more per unit (buying much less) and using all of it than paying less per unit but buying more of an item that will rot in your refrigerator! The packages of meat were over three dollars each, so we would have wasted around two bucks on one of those!

Some may say that buying the salad mix wasn’t “green.” Here’s the deal: I can buy a salad mix for $1.50 and it will all be eaten, or I can pay $1.68 for a head of lettuce that will turn brown before we use it all, because to have a salad we would have to purchase other veggies to go with it so it would have only gotten used for those single sandwiches. To me it makes more sense to pay for what I know will get used than to be “green” and buy things I know will not.

It is time to cut the cantaloupe for breakfast this morning so I had better head out.  Have a nice day!

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