What is Life these days? Wake up, go to work, come home, and watch TV before going to bed to do it all over again. When you have the energy you clean your home and take trips, usually for shopping.

Your life seems pointless these days because no matter what you do you can’t seem to get ahead. You’ve been told that if you work hard that you, too, will be a success. You know it’s a lie but you do it anyway.

How do you cope with that? Many cope by fixating on trends. Food trends, fashion trends…you name it, there’s probably a trend for it. People rush out to join these trends because they think it gives their lives meaning.

One recent trend was the Stanley Cup craze. People stood in line and even stole these cups because, despite having been around for over 100 years, marketers told them that they were IN and they believed them.

The only thing different about these cups was the color and it wasn’t that much of a difference. Stanley has been producing cups in a variety of colors for a while now, yet people obeyed their corporate overlords by buying them anyway. They snapped them up because some clever marketer hit that button in their brains designed to "suck them in and spit them out without their wallet"1.

The human race is the only species that has to pay to live. Everyone knows that but no one wants to admit it. You are forced to exchange hours of your lives for the money you need to just live. The only thing they don’t charge you for these days is air and I’m sure if the Corporations could figure out how to do that they would2.

You apparently don’t give them enough of your lives or the money that your lives are exchanged for so corporations want you to give them even more. They do this by creating styles and trends that you’ve "gotta have" in order to be popular or "in" or whatever the current term is when you read this.

But those trends don’t make you cool. Those trends just make you look stupid. You exchanged a priceless resource (hours of your life) to buy a whatsit that was popular for a moment. Now all of you who jumped on the bandwagon will end up tossing your latest folly into a landfill.

You just wasted hours of your life, hours that you will never get back, just to buy a damn cup because it was trendy.


It’s not like you’re going to find meaning in the bottom of that cup. The only way to find meaning is to look inside yourselves. But companies don’t want you to have time to do that. That’s why they keep you so busy buying useless stuff. If they keep you busy buying useless stuff, you’ll be forced to work more hours. You’ll be too exhausted at the end of your shifts to take that good, hard look at your life that you need to take and realize that you’re trapped in a shitshow.

They don’t want you to have the time or the energy to look around and realize that you are just cogs in their giant machine, that your only job is to feed the monster because if you did this, you might just decide to opt out.

The human race is the only species that has to pay to live. You are forced to exchange the priceless hours of your life for the money that you use to buy the things you need. This is your reality.

But just because you are forced to pay just to live doesn’t mean that you have to give them a minute more of your life than what’s necessary. When you choose to ignore these trends, when you choose to keep your money or just work less, you are choosing yourself.

You are telling the world that you are more important than the Machine.

  1. Paraphrase of Everett Bogue, "The Art of Being Minimalist." p. 10. 2009. ↩︎
  2. They’re already trying: https://vitalityair.com/pages/about-us ↩︎

7 responses to “The Truth About Trends”

  1. So true and upsetting at the same time as I expected better from Stanley. They used to be a company that focused on well made thermoses that were build for life and I am glad I bought mine years ago. The direction of their new CEO that “men” or those that want a built for life thermos in a few basic colors was not good enough so they had to change their market betrays their legacy. It makes me glad that my Stanley thermos is in the old basic green with the old “less trendy” logo as I do not want to be associated with dumb trends and over adults fighting over”adult sippy cups”.

    1. I know, right? I have their original thermos in that original green color as well, and like you, I’ve had it for ages.

      This consumerism model is ridiculous.

  2. Yup! Now and more “influencers” have been saying this and preaching it though. You aren’t alone in your warning. Long live the revelation AND the revolution!

  3. I’m hoping some of those mugs end up in thrift stores and yard sales where I might get one if the price is right! My dad used one stanley thermos every work day for 45 years.

    1. I am pretty sure that some of them will, especially as people move on.

  4. I agree, people can spend way too much money trying to get the fashionable or trendy thing.