The Walmart Monster

“The best slave is a slave that doesn’t know he’s a slave.” –

The human race is the only species on this planet that is forced to pay money for the right to live. In the United States, our parents have to go into debt just to give us life. They sweat and they struggle to support us through our childhood until finally they release us into the world, praying that we can support ourselves.

Things don’t get much better for us once we reach adulthood. For those of us who attend college, hoping that it will give us a chance, we have to shoulder the burden of immense debt for that privilege. When we want to reduce the amount of debt that we incur, we search around us for work, a job that will allow us to pay our bills and eat something more substantial than ramen.

Many of us go hungry and homeless instead.

The story gets darker for those of us who discover that the privilege of higher education is beyond our reach. The story grows especially dark for those of us who start our families while we are young. For want of a single piece of paper, we are relegated to the waste heaps of humanity. We work in restaurants, we toil in factories, we slave away at gas stations and convenience stores.

We pray that we can find someone who can take our children in so that we can work the hours we are forced to work. We pray not to get sick as we beg for help to survive.

But we don’t deserve to survive. We are worthless. We are lazy. We are nothing but the scum of the earth. We deserve to die.

We are told from the moment of birth that we’re not good enough. We need to fix our appearance. We need to wear certain clothes. We need to buy the houses and the cars and the stuff. They tell us that if we work harder; if we get an extra job, if we get the degree–if we put in enough hours and do enough work that we can fix our situations.

But it’s all a lie.

Even if we get that piece of paper, we still won’t be able to make enough. By the time we repay our student loans, there isn’t anything left. And regardless of whether we choose college or not, our fate will be the same. We will work until we break and be discarded.

We are the slaves of the United States of America. We are the ones who have been lied to our whole entire lives. We have been lied to because we are not the ones in control of our nation. Our nation has been bought by the monsters. 

The monsters work hard to disguise this fact. They lurk in the background, paying off our public servants to pass laws that favor them. They barrage us with ads, ads designed to give us hope for the future so that we will continue to fund their excess while we struggle.

They think they are powerful. They believe they are unstoppable. This has gone on for so long that the monsters believe they are god.

I think it’s time we met the monsters. Let’s start with one of the biggest ones, the Walton Family.

Walton Wealth

As you can see from the image, we are giving this monster $70,000 every single minute. We are giving them more each minute than most of us earn in an entire year. In exchange for that money, they sell us cheap crap at slowly inflating prices. They move into our towns, destroy our businesses, and revel at their monopoly.

They pay us workers so little that we have to beg the government to have enough food so we can eat, but that’s still not enough for them. They have begun to eliminate the jobs we are forced to take just to pay our bills. They are so greedy that they suck our nation dry by exploiting loopholes to avoid paying taxes.

They have taken over our towns.
They have corrupted our government.
They are destroying the dairy industry.
And now they are after our children.

What will they go after next?

There is only one we can stop this monster. There is only one way that we can destroy their power. There is only one place we can strike that will hurt them.

That place is in their wallet. We have to starve them out if we want to retake our nation.

Stop giving them money.
Stop shopping at their stores.
Stop feeding the monsters.

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10 thoughts on “The Walmart Monster”

  1. Monsters are everywhere. There will always be monsters but the problem wet face at the moment is that this monster is now bold and struts about looking for,… picking and choosing its victims with sadistic glee knowing that the villagers are too subdued to oppose them. It takes those of us willing to step out of our comfort zones to direct the villagers into battle. Only then cam we bring them down. It’s fine as a united front and that is how the United States came to be! A call! A call to battle!!

  2. Annie, your very first sentence is frighteningly true. Outside of the air we breathe and the water we drink, everything has been monetized. (the air is polluted and Nestle is doing its best to monetize the water we drink)

    Remember the game of Life? As an adult, I know realize how true to life this game is. The majority of us can’t afford to play this game of life.

    Getting a college degree is expensive and no guarantee that it will pay off in future wages and job security. Secondary education has become big business with a tremendous increase in private schools that are using government funds and graduating just a fraction of those they enroll. But the private school doesn’t give a damn if the students graduate or even come to class- they have been paid by the government and are not responsible for any students defaulting on the loans.

    Surrounding the universities is over-priced housing which further increases the debt of the student trying to get that degree he was strongly encouraged to get.

    Our public education system, education that has been deemed compulsory, has been under assault for years. And instead of putting the money into the system to attract well-qualified teachers, repair aging structures or erect modern ones, equipping our classrooms with the tools needed, Congress and the states refuse to provide the funds needed. Local communities can’t afford to support the schools as local businesses crumble or leave the cities and establish themselves overseas.

    So, DeVos, who doesn’t have a brain in her head, and Walmart step in with a ‘wonderful’ solution- the voucher system to promote school choice. And, as you wrote, that hasn’t worked so well, has it?

    You are right. It is time to stop them. And it is the collective action of individuals that can rise up to revolt. Stop spending money. Barter, trade, exchange. Use it up. Go without.

    If you haven’t read it, a must read is The Moneyless Manifesto by Mark Boyle. It is free. You can read it here:

    1. We are definitely going to have to figure out something if we want to kill the monsters, Essie. We’ve already tried protesting them out and that didn’t work. I had high hopes for the Occupy Movement but I also had my concerns. We cannot say that we are against something and continue to financially support them.

      I honestly hope that I can start a revolution. i would love nothing more than to leave a better place for my children. That said, monsters like the Waltons have taken over our economy but if we starve them out, small businesses will rise from their ashes.

      I miss the days when I could walk to a grocery and greet the owner on a first-name basis. I miss the days when we could buy something once and count on it to last a lifetime. I miss the days of single-earner households, of an age where even the poor had a fighting chance.

      If enough people rise up, maybe we can bring them back.

      By the way, the monsters are starting to monetize the air that we breathe as well. You can read about that here:

      1. Fresh air for sale! Just read the article you linked to. 1. sad to think that so many countries are so polluted that they have to buy fresh air. 2. sad that these entrepreneurs express no compunction about contributing to air pollution as they ship these canisters around the globe. 3. sad to realize that the purchasers of the canned air don’t possess enough critical thinking skills to realize that the small amount of fresh air they are purchasing is money wasted.

        1. I know. And after watching the trends and following the money, I’m to the point I feel silence would be criminal. Someone has to speak out. Someone has to tell the truth. Someone has to point out what we are all refusing to see. I’m just as guilty of turning a blind eye as the next person. I thought there was nothing I could do so I kept silent. But I can’t sleep at night anymore, so I’ve got to do something.

          I’ve got to try.

      2. Vote, vote, vote! Encourage all your family, friends and neighbors to vote. Vote for a presidential candidate who will really look out for regular working folks. Someone who stands up for affordable health care, affordable or free college, regulates extremely large monopolistic corporations and cares about our environment and climate change. There may not be a quick fix to the problem of not supporting a monopoly in an area with no other choices. But we can use our vote to help provide a better country for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

        1. But how can we trust our politicians in the light of “quid pro quo?” We live in an age where Big Business funds political campaigns. They do that for a reason, and that reason is they expect that politician to pay them back with legislation once they enter office. How can we KNOW that the person we are voting for won’t fall for that nonsense?

  3. Hi Annie, At least 2 current candidates for president do not accept $$$$ from big business, PACs or lobbyists. They have grassroots campaigns and depend on contributions from regular working folks. It’s fairly easy to find out if a candidate has been consistent in their behavior. Reading legit newspapers, exploring each candidates online website, watching interviews, debates etc. I would start with asking, “Has this person demonstrated consistent ethical behavior in their personal and professional life?” There were a lot of “red flags” all over the place about our current leadership, but some people chose to ignore what was obvious.

    1. Which news sources do you consider legit, Zoe? I’ve got readers on both sides of the political spectrum who claim different things. I’ve personally seen false claims from both sides as I try to sift the truth from fiction. During 9/11, I watched the story on one aspect change in but a moment. The reporter announced one thing, was discussing it. Then the screen went black. When the reporter returned he looked…upset…as he began telling us a different story.

      I’ve been cautious about our public media ever since.

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