The Wise Love Thrift Shops

How to save money like the wise and wealthy do

Thrift shops have a tattered reputation, a reputation that reeks of poverty and desperation. But thrift shops are one of the best kept secrets of the truly wealthy.

How else do you think they build and keep their wealth?

The wealthy know that companies include an insane markup on certain brand name items.

But why pay more for new when you can pay almost nothing for used?

You see, the truly wealthy are incredibly frugal. I’ve seen them sift through trash bins to search for a good deal.

It’s the poor and middle class who always insist there is “status” associated with buying new.

But the truth is this: wealth isn’t about the stuff you buy. It’s about the money you keep.

I’ve seen people so poor that they couldn’t pay their electric bill who owned Rolexes. And I’ve seen people who dressed as if they were homeless that had millions.

You can find everything from high end luxury items to everyday stuff at thrift shops. If you treat it as a game, it’s fun to look around at the bargains. And when you find something you’ve been looking for, it’s an absolute delight to rack up the savings when you take it home.

You have to watch what you buy and where you buy certain items. Electronics and appliances should be bought at shops that offer at least a small guarantee, because few things are as frustrating as taking something home to discover that it doesn’t work.

You also don’t want to buy something that you’ll have to repair before you can use it. While there is nothing wrong with good intentions, it is a waste of money to buy something you have to fix if you never get around to actually fixing it.

You can even follow current home decorating trends with thrift shop finds. I’m noticing that more and more of the featured spaces in decorating magazines have thrift shop finds that they bought, cleaned, and put into use without any additional work. They tend to focus on older, solid wood items for that like shelves, tables, and things.

So if you like to save money and you want to do it like the wise and the wealthy do, head for the thrift shop instead of the big box store.

Your wallet will thank you.

If you would like to discover more ways to save money, check out my book The Shoestring Girl. I used the tricks in that book to live on a budget of $500 a month in order to be a stay at home single mom.

3 thoughts on “The Wise Love Thrift Shops”

  1. Amen sister! I remember back when a neighbor said “we think you’re the Millionaire Next Door” (remember the book?). She was right back then. My response? “We think you are too”. And that’s the last time $$ as been mentioned. My oldest sister makes fun of my old clothes “but they are just fine”. “But you need something new”. “nope, don’t care”. And when I do actually need something? 1. Thrift store 2. Ross Dress for Less 3. TJ Maxx and if I get desperate Kohls then Macy’s. But oh my, if I want to go on vacation…..look out cuz I don’t care what it costs. 😅😅 Nice hotel, nice rental car….bring it on! Life is about experiences not stuff!

    1. I LOVE Ross! Found a GORGEOUS pair of heels there the other day! They have some great stuff. You are a woman after my own heart. I have a copy of Millionaire Next Door sitting on my shelf even.

      Great minds think alike!

    2. Great minds think alike! I love Ross. Found a pair of heels there that make me Squee in delight every time I put them on.

      I also have a copy of Millionaire Next Door sitting on my bookshelf. That book is such an eye opener. Have you read Millionaire Women Next Door?

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