Winter has arrived in my small town. It’s quite chilly so I’ve snuggled myself beneath a throw as I watch it snow.

As I’ve been waiting out the storm I’ve kept an eye on the news. But there’s a funny thing going on with the news. Most of it is now advertising disguised as news.

We don’t need what we think we need yet greedy corporations are busy trying to trick us into believing something different. Maybe they think that we’re too dumb to know the difference?

I deleted the news app. If it’s important, I’m sure my friends will tell me.

So now I have more time to think instead of scanning a news feed filled with articles designed to trick me into buying something.

During this past year I’ve had two weather-related experiences that made me wonder if I would live through them. That has convinced me that unless we change our ways we will drive this planet to a point of no return. And yet the corporations are still searching for ways to persuade us to continue buying useless things so that we can make the problem worse.

Maybe they think they can hop a ride with Bezos and fly away.

Regardless of what they think, I have realized that unless we change, this planet will die.

How do we fix that?

8 responses to “Thoughts of a Dying Planet”

  1. Very thought provoking article as you usually write. Thank you. I buy less, use it up, wear it out, buy used and drive less whenever possible. We live near small farms and orchards so but local directly from the farms as much as possible.

    Sure hope you will use some of your time gained by not watching news to write a new book. I refer to your books over and over again. Stay safe.

    1. Aww, thank you Karen! Interesting that you should mention a book. I gave a copy of my old Shoestring Girl book to a young friend moving out on their own for the first time and they’ve asked me to write more as well.

      So yes. I will consider it if I can come up with something that will help people in our current world.

  2. I’m at the point where even being inside a retail store gives me nausea and eco guilt. It’s alll cheap junk and so excessive.

    I buy everything but underwear and food secondhand and try to buy as little as possible. The next generation is far more aware of these issues and I have hopes that my kids and their peers will bring about major changes as they grow up and vote and lead workplaces and end up in leadership and government positions.

    1. Carrie, I feel that deep in my soul. I’ve hit the point where I feel as if I’m putting a nail into the coffin of my children, grandchildren, and the great grandchildren that are to come. I look at the kids on my street sometimes and I ask myself how much I love them, because I see what’s happening. I see the damage being done by overconsumption and it distresses me to play a part in it.

      But I also wonder if the choices I personally make will help, especially when I look around and see my neighbors buying like crazy.

  3. Tammara L Mills Avatar
    Tammara L Mills

    To stop the demise of the planet will require either a concerted effort of the entire world or an act of God (or nature). He’s which one is likely to occur first.

    And yes, I’ve met ppl that damned stupid. I see them everyday in the store.

    1. Maybe, if one by one we all just do what we can, maybe we can inspire others to help save the planet as well.

  4. Maybe your next book can be ways we can help save the earth? Not even all minimalists look from that viewpoint. And people who have not yet discovered minimalism might read a book about saving the environment.

    1. Linda, I believe you have given me an idea!