To The Simple Living Haters

Over the years I have had so many people tell me that I am insane for keeping my bills low and living such a simple life. They have told me that I’m cruel to my daughter by forcing her to live in a small one-bedroom house (despite the fact that she gets the bedroom), and that I am depriving both her and myself of things that we need.

But you know what? Those haters can take a long walk off a short pier. Living a simple, frugal life has saved my ass more times than I can count.

And in recent times it managed to save us from being completely homeless.

As you know, I’ve been unable to work a public job for around two years. But guess what? Thanks to my extremely frugal lifestyle, my books generating passive income, and with help from my friends all of my bills are paid off with the exception of my rent bill (I’m working on that).

And guess what? I’m starting a nice, simple, part time job at a grocery store today. I’m not sure if I can do the work but by golly I am going to try!

The lifestyle that so many have condemned allowed me sufficient time to heal to the point to where I am now able to try working a bit. The lifestyle that so many have declared insane will allow me to work just a few hours a week to keep my bills paid up and continue paying my rent debt down.

The lifestyle that people have declared impractical has once again saved my ass. Literally.

So to all the haters out there who believe that a simple life isn’t worth the effort, you can kiss my behind. This lifestyle has saved me yet again.

I have survived the impossible. Again.

So the next time someone tells you that you shouldn’t reduce your recurring expenses, that you shouldn’t live in a simpler, less expensive home and ditch the fancy stuff, point them to this post.

It is time the world got a wakeup call.

16 thoughts on “To The Simple Living Haters”

  1. Wow. I’m sorry people have taken it upon themselves to judge you for your choices. Only you walk in your shoes. Many people in your situation would have given up, lost everything, and become a burden on others. You have persevered despite all the things that have happened to you. Things that were beyond your control. I admire you greatly for your perseverance, your determination to survive no matter what. How many others with your background and experiences have managed to pick themselves up and carry on? You taught yourself computers, you taught yourself to write, and you’ve generated an income from your sheer determination. I could say more, but you get my meaning. I’m so glad you feel you’ve recovered enough to try working at a “real” job again. Good luck with it. And I’m sure when your daughter strikes out on her own, she will be grateful for the qualities you have instilled in her. She won’t be regretting the “things” she was denied.

    1. Thank you so much Karen! I hope that, when I leave this Earth, that people look back on me and realize that they can do so much more than they give themselves credit for. Nothing is impossible if you keep trying.
      Hugs, Annie

  2. Best of luck on the new job!

    And, I like your fighting spirit. You are right, folks get strange when you challenge how they live, even if all you are doing is living your life the best way you know how. You are on the right path. But you knew that alreay!

    1. Thank you so much Stacey! The only true failure is when we stop trying, and the word “quit” is not in my vocabulary.
      Take care! Annie.

  3. I am more than impressed with how you manage and I am in awe. I think of you every so often – all the things you have gone through and survived and it keeps me going…..It inspires me to just go one more step, just do one more thing as I think about you. I have read your writings for quite a few years now and some of it is unbelievable as when you finally got that good job and then got severely injured. I hope you received some compensation or disability or something. In my place of employment you certainly would have been taken care of and not struggled as you have but I do not know all the circumstances. Please keep writing as you do if you can as you have many readers and admirers.

    1. Jean, I ended up being railroaded by Workmen’s Comp. While I still have an application going for disability, I would much prefer to work. That said, I am aware that the brain disease the accident triggered won’t get any better so I have kept the disability application going. As for Workmen’s Comp, I am leaving that to Karma. I have better things to do than to get petty over some money. I know how to survive without it, and I have faith that it will all work out.
      I intend to keep writing until my fingers fall off and then figure out a way to continue writing even then. This subject is my passion. I am fed up with the lies so many have been told about how much they are supposed to buy and what they “absolutely need” in this society.
      As for my struggles, I count myself fortunate that I am strong enough to survive them. I am thankful that the experiences have taught me more about what I CAN survive, and for the fact that sharing my experiences might help others learn that they can survive tough times as well.
      Thank you for being there. I love you more than you will ever know.
      Peace, Annie

  4. AMEN sister!
    SO well said. I admire you(and Katie!) so much. Hope the job works out. Don’t overdo it, ok luv? Please take care of yourself.
    Now I’m off to go and tell some people to take a lang walk off a short pier. Amazing expression, lol:).

    Lots of love, Carolina

    1. Thank you Carolina!
      I am striving to keep the hours low enough so that I don’t have to push too hard and can recover from staring at the register screen during my shift. So far I’m doing okay. I am earning what many would consider a pitiful amount, but it is enough to pay my bills with a little left over for extras. I’m even able to pay some on the back rent I owe from when I was really bad.
      I am grateful for that.
      Sending love, Annie

  5. So sad to read that people have taken it upon themselves to judge you and your choices, Annie. I admire you for your decision to live simply, to NOT become a wage slave, to free your time to raise Katy and spend the time, not money, with her. I recently read an essay titled The Art of Nothing by Thomas J. Elpel, posted here at . It is about the simple life of the Shoshonean band of Indians. Imagine the peace we would live in if we wanted nothing. It is the lust for things that cause the strife and the hate in our world. Those haters you have encountered want something- the ability to live as you have chosen, Annie. Best of luck in your new job!

    1. Cam, thank you so much for sharing that link! That is a wonderful essay. The older I get, the more I see how people have been programmed to purchase far more than they actually need. If we balance our needs and focus on earning that amount and a little more for extras our life is so much richer.

  6. You go girl! Simple living has saved our asses here too. So good to hear you are healing!

    1. Hi MaryAnn! So glad to hear that you have chosen the simple life. It is truly a godsend!

  7. I’m amazed by the life you lead, the way you’ve dealt with so much and have not only persevered but thrived. So many folks with way more material goods could learn a lot about gratitude and creative thinking from you.

    1. Thank you so much for the vote of support, TJ! I really hope that others see from my example what can be done with very little.

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