Today’s List

Today is getting a late start.. the storms last night led to a rather restless sleep and I ended up taking a nap after my daughter hopped on the school bus. I am still a tad groggy but I have to get moving.

Sitting beside me is a simple notebook to jot down my things to do. It has a line down the center which makes it perfect. The left side will get all the things I want to accomplish today, and the right? It will get all the things that I’m leaving to the Universe to worry about!

I learned about that tip in a book by Jerry and Esther Hicks on Abraham. It’s the equivalent of putting your worries on a piece of paper and burning them. Each day the paper gets tossed, and so do your concerns!

It definitely feels good to take action, and to make a decision NOT to worry about something! When I started it at first the list was longer than my to-do list, but now it is rather short!

Life is good.

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