Today’s Meal Plan

For breakfast the rice cooker is whipping up a batch of rice. Rice with cinnamon sugar and cream – a staple around here. Leftovers will be saved for dinner.

I think for this evening I will fire up the little hibachi grill to cook up a purely vegetarian meal of bbq cabbage, corn on the cob, and either grilled bell peppers or some grilled squash with the leftover rice as a side. The vegetables sound soo delicious I’m ready to skip to dinner right now!

I have thought about getting a small gas grill, but I’m just not sure. It would be a wonderful treat to be able to grill whenever. It would also be a lot faster than heating up my old charcoal grill, but the gas grills are not only large but expensive as well. This little hibachi was gleaned from a neighbor some years ago. I believe I will continue to use what I have – it makes more sense than purchasing a huge gas grill for just the two of us!

The rice is done. That rice cooker is one gadget that has been worth its’ weight. I purchased the little thing for six dollars on clearance, and use it regularly to either cook rice or steam vegetables. Once I even used it to cook spaghetti! There is a recipe for bread you can prepare in a rice cooker as well. The bread doesn’t turn out half bad, but it doesn’t take much more effort to produce a more delectible loaf.

Time for breakfast!

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