Update on Katie

It has been a challenging week or so around this tiny house. The kid had a major dust-up with her fiancée so the wedding is off. She spent a week at a friend’s house mourning the change but came back home the other evening.

Now she’s exploring her own path to the future.

We have a Navy recruiter coming to the house this morning. I know nothing about the Navy so this should be interesting.

Despite it being my day off I woke up early to don my warpaint and prepare for the encounter. I feel more secure when I’m wearing my warpaint, silly as it sounds. I’ve brewed a big pot of coffee as I sit here mentally preparing for the encounter.

I honestly believe that the military will help instill the grit she needs to navigate our challenging world. That said, if I tell her that or actively encourage her…well, she’s reached the point in her life where Mom is always wrong, so I don’t want to inadvertently encourage her to run the other way.

I want the decision to be hers so for this, aside from any questions, I need to keep my big mouth shut.

Wish me luck. Keeping quiet has never been my strong point.

What’s been going on with you lately? Please share your updates in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Update on Katie”

  1. One of my friends has two grandkids in the Navy and they both love it! I hope Katie does, too.

  2. There is a book Katie might like/need at this point in her life. It’s “Designing Your Life” by Burnett and Evans. The 2 authors are Stanford University professors who offer this class at the University, about 15% of the students end up taking this class. It’s premis is that you don’t need to have or know your “passion” to design a fulfilling life. They teach you to use Design Thinking applied to your life and work. I was able to get it online from my local library. They also have a TED Talk on youtube, very interesting.

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