Wall Street Talks Shaving The Cost of a Razor

A writer for the Wall Street Journal discussed his search for the economical shave.   Neal, you have hit the nail on the head for America in this article, and I give you kudos for posting it!

Ladies need to shave as well.  I buy the cheapest disposables  I can buy, cleaning them off with a brush, drying them and rubbing them along the nap of denim to keep them sharp for as long as possible.  If I ever stumble upon an old-fashioned razor in a yard sale by golly I’ll snag that puppy so fast heads will spin and hit eBay for blades if my local stores don’t carry any that will work!

Don’t you think it is ridiculous that we are forced to pay for something like disposables when there used to be options available in the past that lasted longer and put less stuff in the landfills?

Until I find a better, cheaper option I will stay with the super-duper cheap disposable razors, snapping them up on clearance and using them for as long as my legs and underarms will let me!

What do YOU do to save money on razors?

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