Weathering Storms

We have had an interesting time as of late. Not only have Katie and I lost a young friend, now the rough weather has rolled in.

That is the view across our street. The river near our house is currently at 16.44 feet. Flood stage is 20 feet, and it will touch our floor joices at 22.98 feet.

Isn’t life fun?

Fortunately it has a long way to go before I have to get worried. I will have plenty of notice before we have to worry about bugging out.

In the meantime I am working to get back on track. I wanted to let you guys know what was going on so that you would know that we are still alive.

My book royalties are starting to drift in a  positive direction. It isn’t instant but I am delighted with the change.

I’ve completed an author interview on Smashwords. You can find it here: If you have any other questions you would like for me to answer shoot me an email at annie(at) and I will add them to the list.

Also, Smashwords is having their Summer/Winter Sale starting March 5. I’ve deeply discounted all of my books on the site and made several of them free for the duration of the promotion. You will be able to take advantage of the sale on my profile page here:

That’s all for now. I will send out a reminder when the sale starts so that you can take advantage if you like.

Have a nice day!

5 thoughts on “Weathering Storms”

  1. Good to see a post from you again, Annie. Life is certainly never dull… great to hear your sales are coming in ! It is my hope and prayer that that river water doesn’t get any higher than
    It is now !

  2. I am thrilled to hear you and your books are doing well! I already bought all of them except your newest update of Shoestring Girl but maybe I can think of someone to buy some for.

    I hope the water doesn’t reach you. Flooding is not fun!

    1. Thank you Hayes , I always think about that too because my occupation is a alarm electronic technician and every time there is a break in from one of my friendly exarrteipte client I always think back of why this always happen . Thank you for your quote . The good lord will bless us .Cheers ..

  3. Annie I’m glad to hear the book is doing well. I am also glad that you started posting on this site more regularly. I’m missed you while you were hurt. Reading your posts makes me feel like we are just two old friends sitting on the front porch talking. I love your openness about your life and how it makes me feel like it’s OK if I don’t live in a million dollar home, drive a new import car and have my life perfectly together. Because that’s never been my life and never will be. I am happy the way that I am. Yes your financial stories and how you can make do with much less are always my favorite. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. It’s so good to get your update! I’d been wondering how you are doing. I am very sorry about the loss of your friend. But very pleased that things are looking up financially. Life is a struggle, but you manage to support yourself and your daughter, and give her the time and attention she needs. I hope your recovery is going well. Stay dry!

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