What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

At first I was nervous when the water started rising. “What will I do if the house floods?” I worried. I don’t exactly have the resources to move and this is the cheapest place around. The fact that it was happening 20 years to the day that I was flooded out in 1997 made me nervous as well. Would it happen again?

But then it hit me. What’s the worst that would happen?

First, I would have plenty of warning. There is a huge field that has to fill up before it gets to my place. We would be able to gather up our essential items, pack a few clothes, crate the dogs, and bug out.

Then if the house washed away we would be homeless. If the water got up that high this whole town would be considered a disaster area. There would be help available.

So you know what? We would be okay. Yeah, we would lose some stuff but who cares? Other than the critters, everything we consider essential can easily be stuffed in a couple of duffel bags apiece. For me, that means I would have a bag filled with my ancient, aging tech and important papers while the other would be filled with clothes. As for Katie, who knows what she would stuff in hers?

But the important thing is that we’re not attached to this house. We’re not even that attached to most of the stuff that’s in it. We have a small list of things that we consider essential but as for the rest? It is all replaceable.

After realizing that I relaxed. Even if the worst happened, we would be okay.

Of course, once I calmed down the water started receding. Ain’t it always the way?

7 thoughts on “What’s the Worst That Can Happen?”

  1. “What’s the worst than can happen?” is something I have the habit of asking myself whenever something threatens. It’s a great practice, because it immediately reminds me that whatever IT is, I can handle it! 🙂

  2. Wow, this was so helpful to me. I will go through my list also. In a way it would be a relief and just knowing that makes me wonder about my stuff. I would save the dogs and some important papers which probably I should probably put on my computer.
    Makes me in an action mode. We don’t have that kind of disaster here in California in my area, but there is always the possibility of THE BIG ONE as far as earthquakes go.
    Okay I now have a project ahead of me to maybe do a video of my home and my stuff and have a proper place for my papers, etc.
    It should be satisfying to complete this project and then I can take a deep breath like you did and know I can survive whatever.
    Thanks so much for sharing

  3. I mentally pack my bugout bag occasionally just to remind myself of what I think is truly essential vs. what I could live without. My husband and I are probably among the few here who could comfortably bug out with just a couple bags each. In fact, my tech stuff and some clothes/toiletries will all fit in one bag so the second one is bonus–often including emergency food so my blood sugar doesn’t spike. Yay for nuts and beef jerky. My husband’s second bag is mostly legal papers, like his Army discharge papers, that will help us get back on our feet again although we each carry our own identity and health insurance cards in case we get separated.

  4. Yup i totally agree. Doing a “what’s the worst that could happen” checklist once a month is a great way to clear the mind of rubbish.

    1. Ved ikke om du har skrevet det, men hvor købte du tasken henne? Jeg er nemlig blevet helt vild med den, og ville rigtig gerne have fignerne i en 🙂

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      Do not know if you’ve written it, but where you bought the bag go? Indeed, I have absolutely loved it and would really like to have the figs in a

  5. Hi Annie,

    You’re such an amazing and incredible spirit! You have inspired me so that I have pared down my home belongings to a more manageable size. They say that you don’t know how much stuff that you actually own until you get ready to move. I am moving this year no matter what and I have begun donating items and rearranging my things. I am wanting a brand new clean slate with everything. Hopefully I can release a few big pieces of furniture and buy new pieces after I move into my new place. I want new energy and a feeling of being reborn.

    I love all of your writing especially the essays about moving and decorating your new home. I dream of downsizing and living an easier and simpler lifestyle. It’s not about the amount of things that you own, but rather the quality and joy they bring you.

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