Video Attempt

Hello everyone!

With John’s encouragement, I’ve decided to test making videos using my phone. This method is new to me so I’m learning as I go.

In this video I ask a question that has bothered me for decades. Maybe you can answer it? Please leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. Even if you think I suck, I would like to know!


Try not to laugh too hard!

10 responses to “Video Attempt”

  1. Tammara L Mills Avatar
    Tammara L Mills

    If you’re religious; Satan. If you’re not…I put it down to people being fekking greedy. Humans are too often control freaks, greedy, power hungry, etc. Do we as a species have good traits? Yes! We also have some horrible ones as well. That’s all I got cuz I don’t understand people that well. 🤷‍♀️

    1. Are people greedy or just ignorant? I mean, we are inundated with calls to buy stuff all of the time. We’ve been told since we were children that “the person with the most toys, wins.”

      But what started us down this path? It just puzzles me because this is a relatively new phenomenon in the grand scheme of things.

      1. Perhaps a horrible combination of the two but you should look into the bizarre things that went on in the ancient world. There are things that were then that mirrors things from today. I love history.

        1. I know modern life echoes things from the past. Given what happened back then…I’m concerned about now.

  2. Wow that is a very complicated question. To keep things simple lets just focus on your paying for water. I forget where the passage is but I know the Bible (somewhere in the Old Testament) mentions being forced to pay for water is a sign of being cursed/under judgement. Today however things are more complicated and self-inflicted in a sense. Given that as a whole humanity has polluted most of the water so it is unfit for us to use without first going through a complicated treatment process which is not cheap. Of course the pollution and all the other issues are rooted in sin and especially selfish greed in only looking out for oneself and trying to profit at the expense of everyone else, which is the root answer of everything else that it is now standard for people to have to pay for which wild animals access for free.

    1. Thank you for your response, John. As I stated in the video, this question has bugged me for years. I appreciate you!

  3. Because we choose to not live like animals. If we were willing to give birth naturally then live off the land then let our bodies return to the land, we would not need to pay. There are a few cultures who still do this who have no concept of money. I, for one, choose not to live like that.

    1. Good points, Linda! Thanks!

  4. Kelly L Barrington Avatar
    Kelly L Barrington

    I liked the video. You need to do longer ones.

    I am unsure of the answer to your question other then to say, we pay for things as a medium of exchange so we don’t have to beat each other with a rock for a loaf of bread. Over time more people specialize into one function (nurse – medical care) and it requires us to pay for all other services bc we personally don’t do (make) the service ourselves. (I pay for electricity bc I don’t make my own myself).

    1. Good points, Kelly. Thanks!